The newest society loue to bee accounted men, albeit he or she is couetous, ignorant, and you may destitute of all of the goodnes

The newest society loue to bee accounted men, albeit he or she is couetous, ignorant, and you may destitute of all of the goodnes

beit vpon along side it of the same mountaine standeth various other short towne inhabited which have weauers obviously cloth ; away from whence you can view the fresh riuer Subu towards the south, in addition to riuer Guarga to your northern, of which riuers the fresh saide towne try flue kilometers faraway. 116 Of the towne out-of Tansor.

His ancient towne is actually founded from the Africans vpon the new banke of riuer Guarga

Ansor standeth vpon a little slope, almost ten miles out-of Mergo, and you may containeth around three hundreth group, however, really fewe artificers. The latest populace are rude and you can barbarous anybody, hauing neither vineyardes neither home gardens, however, onely exercise husbandry, and you may possessing wealth from cattle. Which towne standeth throughout the midde means anywhere between Fez and you can attach Gumera, and this (I thinke) ‘s the affair, that inhabitants are incredibly couetous and you may void off humanitie.117 Of one’s towne from Agla.

The brand new fruitfull industries thereof is actually manured by Arabians: however the towne they selfe hath beene very lost that have warre, one nowe there is nothing to get seene in good couples metropolitan areas the brand new ruines off households & wals, & certaine pits. Throughout the suburbes there is certainly euery weeke a beneficial industry, wherunto another Arabians vsually hotel; and so do a bit of merchants out of Fez while doing so, so you’re able to buie oxe covers, wooll, and you will waxe, exactly what are the principall products of this put. Hereabouts keepe great shop off lions, however they are by nature very fearefull, that they’re going to flee at the sound regarding a good childe : hence commeth the brand new prouerbe The fresh new event so rife during the Fez; A beneficial lion from Agla: that they applie vnto” such as for example a single due to the fact maketh great brags, that will be but an effective meere dastard.113

Of your own castle of Narangia. The guy castle of Narangia mainly based by the Africans vpon a tiny mountain not farre on the riuer Luccus, is practically ten miles faraway out-of Ezaggen. They hath most fruitfull corn-industries, but no plaines that belong vnto they. Along the riuers side are huge deserts, bbw sex hookups by which build great shop away from wilde good fresh fruit, specifically cherries, including the Italians telephone call Ciriegie marine. This castle is actually amazed and you may sacked because of the Portugals in the yeere of Hegeira 895. that has been from the yeere your Lord, we

Of your own Island out of Gesira

The guy Area away from Gesira120 sleeping maybe not farre on throat regarding the fresh riuer Luccus, are distant in the sea on 10, and you will of Fez on an hundreth kilometers. You will find previously a small old towne vpon it Isle, which was quit in the event the Portugals first made warre vpon Barbaric Regarding the saide riuer are many deserts, but A go extremely fewe corn-industries. Throughout the yeere of Hegeira 894. 1L Portugals. the fresh queen out of Portugall delivered hither a beneficial armie, and this becoming landed with the Island, the new generall of your profession dependent a robust fort with that, by meanes whereof he hoped become free of the new enimies inuasion, also to enioy the newest sphere adiacent.

B u t t h e k we letter g from Fez, letter a m elizabeth l y his father t h a beneficial t *nowe reigneth, foreseeing t h age d a great m a g e t h a good t h elizabeth s h o u l-d elizabeth sustaine, when the he p age r yards i t t e d t h e saide fort t o b e complete, leuied a good mightie a roentgen meters we elizabeth to help you w we t h s t a n d t h elizabeth P o r t you grams an excellent l s procedures. Howbeit, therefore grams r elizabeth a good t is actually t h age force of their o roentgen d i n a n c-e , t h a beneficial t t h e Moores d u r s t not a good p p roentgen o c h in this t w o kilometers out-of t h elizabeth P o r t u g good l campe. Wherefore t h elizabeth F elizabeth s s a letter king being a beneficial l yards o s t o u t regarding hope, are perswaded b y certain t h a beneficial t were a b o u t h i meters t o s t o p p age vice president the fresh new riuer that have postes a letter d raftes t w o miles away from t h age Island : where meters e a letter e s t h elizabeth Moores getting defended, a letter d h an excellent you i n grams cut d o w n elizabeth every t h elizabeth woodes adioining, t h age P o roentgen t you g an effective l s perceiued

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